Andrew Cooper

Local party: Colne Valley (Yorkshire) Green Party

Position standing for: Deputy Leader

Andrew Cooper
Thu 2 Aug 2018

Let’s take the Green Party onto the next stage of our journey.

We could end up with three London residents in the Leadership Team, but there is a real benefit having someone in that team from outside London.

Andrew Cooper

I’ve been a councillor for 20 years and speak with authenticity about how government policies affect those of us outside the capital and about the positive actions being taken by Green Party councillors.

Many of our current affairs programmes are produced in Media City in Manchester, just half an hour down the train line for me. Being available wil give us valuable publicity and raise our profile to a wider audience.

We need to do much more to show that we have the policies needed to address climate change.

I have been involved in the COP Climate Change process establishing, in an International Agreement, a new way in which local authorities around the world can play their role in reducing carbon emissions by giving them the ability to set their own targets to contribute directly to the Paris Climate goals.

I have written Parliamentary questions challenging government on its pitiful record on addressing climate change.

At the local level, I have initiated schemes that have provided insulation to over 50,000 homes and helped hundreds of council tenants on low incomes reduce their fuel bills through the installation of solar panels. I want to help Greens around the country develop practical projects such as these to reduce emissions and tackle fuel poverty.

We need to show how significantly we differ from the Labour Party on Brexit, on nuclear weapons and nuclear power, on Proportional Representation and on the third runway at Heathrow

So please vote for me as your first preference as the Green Party’s new Deputy Leader and let’s take the party forward.

Voting is now open. Voting will end on the 31 August at 10pm.

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