Amelia Womack

Local Party: N/A

Position: Deputy Leader

Amelia Womack

Having worked with unwavering dedication as your Deputy Leader for four years, I am hoping to be re-elected in order to continue to deliver results for the party at the grassroots and on the national stage, based on my experience.

With a background in the environment and sustainability sector, a passion for social justice and over ten years experience of political activism, I know that I can continue to work to deliver a bold and radical Green Party.

Amelia Womack

If re-elected, I hope to achieve the following:

  • Continue my work with local parties to build from the grassroots, with local party visits, joining our members on the doorsteps and supporting local campaigning activity – it’s at the grassroots that we get more Greens elected at every level;
  • Implement my 10 point plan for Green councillors (as put forward at the AGC Conference);
  • Work to ensure that more Greens are elected – since I was elected in 2014, we have increased our councillors year on year, and won seats we have never won before. I will use my experience to continue this trend – it’s only by getting more councillors elected that we can build to getting more MPs elected;
  • Use my experience to communicate our diverse range of policies in a vast range of media outlets, nationally and locally, in print, on TV, on the radio and online by providing a relatable voice, and helping to boost our membership;
  • Promote training and mentorship programs within the Green Party to ensure that all local parties are well equipped for day-to-day challenges as well as fighting elections. Specifically to support diverse candidates and work towards us becoming the first party with 50 per cent female and non-binary candidates; and
  • Work with cross-party organisations with policy goals matching our own in order to be mutually supportive and achieve genuine change.

Voting is now open. Voting will end on the 31 August at 10pm.

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