Aimee Challenor

Local party: Coventry Green Party

Position standing for: Deputy Leader

Aimee Challenor
Thu 2 Aug 2018

The Green Party has grown immensely since Caroline Lucas was elected to Parliament in 2010. This is thanks to the amazing work of our local parties, our place at the forefront of progressive politics, and the growing visibility of our spokespeople in the media. These are all things I'd like us to continue to work on, so that we can continue to grow and maintain our place as the leaders in forward-thinking politics.

Aimee Challenor

I'm standing for Deputy Leader to:

  • Support our local parties in their grassroots campaigns, including ‘target-to-win’;
  • Champion our values by visibly campaigning and supporting other campaigns we agree with;
  • Improve our diversity by empowering the Equality and Diversity Committee to undertake a party-wide review on how we can better support our diverse members and candidates, and to support Liberation Groups to have better access to training opportunities; and
  • Grow our media coverage by ensuring media training is available to all local parties, by supporting spokespeople in their topical campaigns, and by working with our press staff to ensure we're using our media contacts effectively.

We must continue to champion our case to fight for our environment and to stand up for human and animal rights. We need to ensure we hold the other parties – especially Corbyn's Labour – to account. We have long campaigned against doing politics as usual, we shouldn't fall into the Establishment trap now.

I am constantly adding new information to my website at where you can also ask me questions about my vision for the party.

Voting is now open. Voting will end on the 31 August at 10pm.

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