30 under 30 programme was 'energising and empowering'

In April, the Young Greens held their annual education programme, as well as supporting local elections and electing new committees across its groups.

 30 under 30 programme
Young Greens

April kicked off with the Young Greens’ influential 30 under 30 programme. The month has been non-stop, with local elections campaigning and committee elections across our groups. 

30 under 30

Our renowned 30 under 30 programme is integral to the provision of political education, a core function of the Young Greens. 30 young people, from active campaigners to students with an emerging interest, are selected to attend a fully-funded weekend of training sessions, talks and networking aimed at equipping a new generation of Green advocates with key skills and contacts. 

This month, 30 under 30 returned to Bristol. This year’s cohort was selected from across the country on the basis of an application and interview process which ran earlier this year. Candidates were asked questions to demonstrate their understanding of and commitment to intersectional, Green politics. 

Green Party co-chair Carla Denyer spoke to the group about the influence the Young Greens had on her political career and the legacy of her involvement with 30 under 30. The group received on-the-job training, joining Bristol Green Party on an action day to get Carla elected as Bristol’s first Green MP. Attendees knocked on doors across the city to discuss issues with residents, from local council issues to national politics. 

Ed Fraser, another graduate of 30 under 30, joined the group to deliver a talk on running a successful election campaign. This was followed by a full day of workshops on campaign organising, grassroots politics and how to secure Green wins from university campuses to general elections. 

30 under 30 was put together by a group of Young Greens Executive Committee members, all of whom are volunteers and working or studying full-time. Co-chairs Jane Baston and Kelsey Trevett, events officers Kate Benson and Lottie Donovan, political education officer Johann Beckford and elections officer Daron Coaker dedicated countless hours to providing this unmatched opportunity and the Young Greens extend our thanks for this effort. 

Thanks to the organisers and to the speakers, who gave up their time to meet and train this group of emerging Green talent, the programme was a huge success. Graduates left feeling energised and empowered to take their place within the wider Green movement. This kind of political education is vital to building a strong, active and informed Green movement in the UK. 

Local Elections 

The Young Greens election strategy involved supporting twelve target candidates with funding and organised action days. 

In April, action days were held in Norwich, Burnley, Croydon, Southwark, South Tyneside, Oxford and Islington. Members met with local residents to raise the profile of Young Green candidates’ campaigns. 

In order to make these action days open to everyone, the Young Greens always provide Access Funds for members looking for support covering costs of travel and food. Outgoing treasurer Rowan Munson also worked hard to provide financial support to Young Green candidates through our Elections Fund, which has helped candidates from producing extra campaign literature to balancing campaigning with caring responsibilities.

We encourage everyone to make the most of these provisions; details of future financial support can always be found on our social media and website. 

Other News

Young Green groups at universities have been busy electing new committees for the next academic year. Bristol Young Greens held their AGM, where a new committee and two co-chairs were elected. Bath University Green Party elected its first full committee after being founded by Callum Clafferty in September. Delegates for the Federation of Young European Greens General Assembly in May were selected after opening applications to all Young Green members; we look forward to sharing news from the Assembly next month. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading about this past month of political education and activism. Group power is built when schemes like 30 under 30 enable young people to meet, share ideas and learn from each other. The Young Greens work to provide an outlet for young people to turn political disempowerment into action. We encourage everyone to get involved with future opportunities, whether that is a lecture, an action day or a residential programme. You never know where a zoom link, train journey or quick application might take you.