100 editions of Green World magazine

Since its inception 25 years ago, Green World has covered all aspects of Green Party life. Three former editors, in the hot seat for a combined 16 years, give their thoughts on Green World reaching this landmark

Green World

PETER BARNETT Editor 1995 - 2001

Congratulations, Green World! 100 issues over 25 years with the magazine's back issues provide a dynamic record of the Party's progress since 1993.

I took over editing Green World on its ninth issue, and it was the first members' magazine, following the split of the Green Party governance into GPEx and the GPRC. The old magazine, Eco News, was scrapped and we had to pass through Real World before arriving at Green World in 1993.

When I took over, I brought in the magazine format and replaced the fold over tabloid newsprint version, and I tried to do something that would be accessible both to the party members and those outside. The first few issues were much more internally focused, but I then split all that by creating Green Activist, to take all the internal stuff, and then I tried to make Green World more externally focused.

The first two or three issues were all done on Word 2; every page would be created individually, downloaded onto a floppy disk, and the floppy disk would be delivered to the printer and they would put it together. Later, I started using zip disks, which would take a lot more information than a floppy, then it went onto CDs and DVDs, and eventually I would produce it and send it over by e-mail - exporting it with Page Maker, which eventually became InDesign.

I certainly thoroughly enjoyed being editor - everybody likes to put their opinion across! - and the editorial board were all very supportive. Thanks to all involved, now onward to even greater challenges ahead!


RICHARD SCRASE Editor 2002-2008

It is 10 years since my last edition of Green World - how time flies! The 100th edition of the magazine certainly gives me the opportunity to look back on what I tried to bring to Green World during my time as editor from 2002 until 2008, and its place within the Green Party.

Primarily, I saw Green World as a way to communicate what the party was doing and celebrate what councillors, London Assembly Members and MEPs were doing. I wanted to present things that made members feel good about being part of the Green Party because of what it was achieving.

I also tried to incorporate elements of the wider Green movement, and saw Green World acting as a kind of conduit between the Green Party and the wider Green movement, though there would sometimes be a bit of a scrabble for content - I always felt it was a good edition if I ended up not having to write very much. There also wasn't a lot in terms of resources, but I had a great layout guy, Steve Chadburn, and it was always wonderful how boring-looking text would suddenly be brought to life through excellent design!


LIBBY PEAKE Editor 2013 - 2017

I had the pleasure of editing Green World at a very exciting time for the Green Party - from the autumn of 2013 until the spring of 2017. This corresponded with the period of the Green Surge (as well as the 2015 elections and the EU referendum, providing plenty of material for analysis and debate).

We viewed the magazine as a vital tool for keeping members informed about the party's increasingly high-profile activities, and also for introducing them to the ethos of green politics. We gave the magazine a bit of a facelift and drastically increased circulation - at one point, one of the editorial board members observed that we had a bigger print run than the New Statesman!

There were always plenty of fascinating topics to cover, and I particularly enjoyed introducing more articles about green successes from around the world - inspiring stories that remind Greens of the strength of the global movement.