Shahrar Ali

Local party: Dagenham and Havering Green Party

Position standing for: Leader

Shahrar Ali

Shahrar is standing for Green Party Leader to help forge a unique and urgent political contract with the people – that extends not just to our contemporaries but to our children, our children’s children and other animals alike. His priorities are:

Shahrar Ali

Climate Change

Our number one priority to which everything else relates. We have the radical policies to make a difference; through creation of Green new deal jobs in renewable energy or replacement of broken economics with carbon budgets. Shahrar gets the urgency and is committed to communicating it effectively.


Shahrar values and respects internal process and our unique policy making. He can be trusted to represent the membership and to articulate Green policies (he has released two popular books Why Vote Green and delivered a TED talk). We must avoid selling out on progressive alliances, which had disastrous consequences in 2017: only eight deposits saved compared to 131 in 2015.


Shahrar has a track record of speaking out against curtailment of civil liberties. He has been a vocal critic of the Islamophobic effects of Prevent, the racist effects of stop and search and the obscene caging of children in Trump's America.


With a PhD in the philosophy of lying and deception, Shahrar will expose daily hypocrisy in politics and promote empowering democracy. He has given keynote addresses to Republic, pushed for PR and helped launch a campaign for a digital bill of rights.

Voting for Shahrar you can have more of your preferences counted to determine which deputies pair up; rather than to have the co-leaders pair decided for you and only one deputy.

We are a radical party with a difference. Our values are lived in our heart, in our head, in our bones. Shahrar will speak truth to power in order to Bring Power to Truth.

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Voting is now open. Voting will end on the 31 August at 10pm.

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