Jonathan Chilvers

Local party: Warwick Green Party

Position standing for: Deputy Leader

Jonathan Chilvers

I’m proud of our unique Green political philosophy, but we must do better at getting our message out.

Our principles of environmental wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy and non-violence make us different from all the other parties, including Labour.

Jonathan Chilvers

We have urgent things to say, not least about the Climate Crisis, but too often we’re not being heard. That needs to change and that’s why I’m standing for Deputy Leader.

If we want to get the message out:

  • Our key leaders need to be elected to public office. Without this we can come across as an unfocused, ineffective pressure group. As a councillor, I’ve seen the difference that being elected makes in terms of our influence in local government and the media.
  • We have to demonstrate our Green principles in ways people understand. As an elected councillor, I’m experienced in successfully connecting with voters who wouldn’t see themselves as Greens, whilst staying true to our Green values. I’m a strong media performer, regularly appearing in local press, radio and TV, most recently on BBC2’s Sunday Politics.
  • We need to win local and regional elections, otherwise we won’t build credibility and a lasting political base. I’ve run successful target-to-win campaigns in the West Midlands and advised parties around the country on strategy and literature. If elected I will door knock in priority wards in all nine regions and Wales within the first 100 days, working hard, listening and showing that it can be done.

Please vote for me as your first choice for Deputy Leader. I have the experience and skills as a county councillor to help bring the change we need to get our unique Green message out.

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Voting is now open. Voting will end on the 31 August at 10pm.

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