Editorial: A Green message

Editorial: A Green message
Aimee Challenor, Publications Co-ordinator for the Green Party executive, discusses some exciting developments for Green World.

It’s amazing to think that we’ve reached the 100th edition of Green World – on behalf of the Green Party Executive, I want to pass on our deepest thanks to all of the editorial teams past and present for their work on Green World.

Green World is more than a magazine, it’s an integral part of our communications strategy within the Green Party. It’s a wonderful way of not only spreading Green Party news, but actually getting our members directly involved through contributing articles, reviews and comments, and, of course, it’s a great way to hear about what is going on at different levels of the party all around the country. You, the members, are the lifeblood of our party and movement and stories and articles about your endeavours are incredibly inspiring, encouraging others to take that step and get their hands dirty! 

Green World is critical to our party. And something so critical to our party must be kept up to date, so that’s why the Green World Editorial Board, Green Party Executive and staff at the Green Party HQ in London have been working for the past few months on moving Green World onto a fully online platform. We used to print a lot of copies of Green World, then a few years back we changed it so that print copies were available upon request, and now we’re going to be fully web-based. I know that many of you will miss getting a physical copy but this is an easy way for us to reduce the environmental impact of Green World, as well as exploring new and exciting features. 

Some of the things we’re hoping to include range from producing more interactive articles utilising embedded content, including videos and polls, to bringing you articles on a more regular basis and including you further in the discussion with the ability to comment on articles. 

So yes, Green World is changing. We’re growing and developing our strengths to create better content. But, equally, it’s staying the same. Green World always will be an essential cog in the Green Party machine, and now more than ever we would love to hear your content pitches!

Thank you for reading Green World and being a part of our community. The future is bright for both Green World and our party, and we are looking forward to taking this next step with you.