Greens building bridges in these troubled times

The Green Party exists to build a better world, and shake up politics. But we would not have wished the country to be thrown into the turmoil we have witnessed since the EU referendum.

Britain is in crisis, and people are scared about the future. These troubled times tell us more clearly than ever that our democracy is broken. The political establishment – which many people used the referendum to vote against – is utterly failing. 

As Greens, it is our responsibility to make sure that as the post-Brexit shock waves recede, we do not return to politics-as-usual. 

The Green Party is already taking proactive steps to build a better politics – like writing to the leaders of Labour, the Lib Dems and Plaid Cymru to get their support for the idea of a progressive alliance, and taking part in public meetings to bring together parties, trade unions, organisations, people and movements. 

We must use the opportunity created by the current Westminster meltdown to lead the way into an era of genuine multi-party politics and create a system that truly represents the people. 

As Green Members of the European Parliament, we split our lives between the UK and continental Europe and have experienced how proportional voting systems do work elsewhere and mean people can back the politicians and policies they believe in. 

We’ll be using the time we have left in the European Parliament to continue to work cooperatively and compassionately – as we always have! – for what we believe in. 

The Green Party’s role in these troubled times – for the UK and other parts of the world – is to build bridges, find common cause and reach out to people with the message that we have more in common. #MoreInCommon