The Green Co-leader is running for Mayor on a platform to solve London’s housing crisis
School children in Brighton are demanding government action on climate change
Green World speaks to Bryony Edwards, one of the campaigners behind the world’s first Climate Emergency Declaration
The Green MP will be visiting Leave constituencies to try and change the Brexit conversation
Campaigners in Sheffield are calling for an inquiry into the council’s tree-felling programme
Dr John Lennon says renewable electricity could save Jamaica’s schools thousands

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Paul Woodhead explains the ins and outs of the Green Party’s policy development day
Molly Scott Cato discusses the need to involve citizens more directly in decision making
Natalie Bennett: The privatisation of law enforcement exploits community issues
The lack of a government in Northern Ireland is preventing consensus on Brexit
Climate Emergency

The Climate Emergency movement has been one of the most striking developments in the fight against climate change, coming as scientists warn we have only 12 years to limit global warming before catastrophic damage occurs. Councils of all stripes have begun to pass motions to dramatically accelerate carbon reduction action. Green World talks to Bryony Edwards, one of the campaigners behind the first Climate Emergency declaration in Darebin, Australia, about the movement’s origins and its next steps.

Bristol’s Green councillors have launched a report into how the city can cut its carbon emissions
The council has brought carbon neutrality targets forward to 2030
Greens have petitioned the Tory-run West Berks Council to debate a Climate Emergency motion
The motion calls for the Mayor of London to commit to making London carbon neutral by 2030
People's Vote
MEP and Brexit Steering Group member Philippe Lamberts explains the EU’s view
It’s now or never to make our voices heard, says Green Co-leader
Greens’ Trade Union Liaison Paul Valentine takes a look at the picture for workers if a ‘no deal' Brexit goes ahead
Young Green Charlie Keller sets out why young people in the UK deserve a say on the Brexit deal
GPEW Internal Elections

Fresh from their election as Green Party Co-leaders with 74 per cent of the vote, Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry speak to Green World as they look back on the election process and lay out their ambitions for the Green Party over the next two years.