A new Policy Exchange report calling for increased surveillance on environmentalist activism has been criticised
The idea of a basic income is gaining traction, but we need to test the waters before we dive in
Labour and Tory amendments have made a Green divestment motion ‘pointless’, say councillors
Cuadrilla will resume drilling at its Preston New Road site to complete its work programme by November 2019
Campaigners ‘vindicated’ as Sheffield plans to curtail its tree-felling programme
What are the arguments for Universal Basic Income? Bill Shutt examines the Green Party’s policy proposal

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Climate Emergency

The Climate Emergency movement has been one of the most striking developments in the fight against climate change, coming as scientists warn we have only 12 years to limit global warming before catastrophic damage occurs. Councils of all stripes have begun to pass motions to dramatically accelerate carbon reduction action. Green World talks to Bryony Edwards, one of the campaigners behind the first Climate Emergency declaration in Darebin, Australia, about the movement’s origins and its next steps.

Report calls for new emissions reduction target as Parliament declares a climate emergency
Bristol’s Green councillors have launched a report into how the city can cut its carbon emissions
Campaigner and academic Rupert Read shares ten actions for the world to survive the climate crisis
Greens have petitioned the Tory-run West Berks Council to debate a Climate Emergency motion
City Hall has agreed a motion to cease the spraying of glyphosate weedkiller in London
Policy group is looking to gauge members’ views on the more controversial aspects of the proposed drugs policy
The impartiality of the civil service is under threat following the leak of comments made by the British Ambassador to the US
Green MEP Scott Ainslie sets out why we need to Remain to fight inequality and tackle the climate emergency
European Union
Beating the Tories is the “icing on the cake” of a campaign that has seen seven Green MEPs elected
Newly-elected Green MEP for London, Scott Ainslie, outlines his priorities in the European Parliament
MEP for South East England Alexandra Phillips writes about how Greens will stand up for working people across Europe
Catherine Rowett, Green MEP for Eastern England, looks at how Greens can address injustice through the EU
Local Elections

The latest round of local elections were historic for the Green Party, more than doubling its number of councillors and breaking new ground on councils up and down England. Green Party Policy and Governance Manager Matthew Browne looks back on the Green success and how the party can look forward with confidence.